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Welcome to the Building Beyond Ecosystem. Below you can find more information about our research and work, the founding team, and our growing network of partners.


Ancestral Wisdom & Emerging Technology 

As tools for remembering our roots and designing resilient and thriving communities.

Collaborative Community Design & Development

To implement new models for community building, foster skillshare, knowledge & resources within our network.

Beyond the Binary, Play with Paradox

To sense beyond conventional thinking and systems so we can explore multiple perspectives and solutions.

Personal & Planetary Transformation

To connect processes of inner growth, community building, and a commitment to broader consciousness.



Plan Systems

Partner in building our Gaming Platform for Community Design (Unity)

Olympia AI

Partner in building our Ancestral Ecosystem for community land projects

Satoshi Succulents

Partner in building our XR experiences and technical education 

Community  Land Partners

If you would like to be a part of our community lands network, please contact us


Erika Casasola

Erika is an energy coach, curandera, and community space designer. Her deep commitment is to awaken the divine energy within each of us. She believes that by sharing the wisdom of our guides and teachers we will spark collective transformation to achieve awakening of environmental consciousness and universal compassion.

Lee Pera

Lee is a geographer whose work spans environmental issues, housing, geospatial technology, and community development. She built a tiny house community and is committed to building equitable models of home and community based on the inherent wisdom of the land.  She loves working with emerging technologies to make abstract futures attainable realities today.

Elena Carrasco

Elena is an intersectional, multifaceted creator. She spends her days living curiously, creating, and engineering things that spark joy and have the potential to shift energy in a positive way. With a background in electrical and computer engineering, research & development, Elena enjoys demystifying abstract technical concepts and helping others understand the capabilities & potential.

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